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2017 Guest Workshops

Relax Yoga Workshop

A chance to unwind and de-stress in this Relax Yoga Workshop, you will be guided through breathing techniques (pranayama) gentle movement (asana's) and yoga nidra (sometimes known as yoga sleep) to bring you to a place of deep relaxation. Weather you have no experience or are a yoga veteran, this work shop will allow you to take some time out and slow down, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. The session will end with homemade Chai and biscuits.

9th February

10-12pm ( no lunch)


To book or for more details contact Finola on 07780952395 or

Mindful Yoga Workshop

We live in a fast paced world, with so much happening and so many wonderful opportunities, it becomes easy to gallop through life with out appreciating the present moment. This workshop helps to bring awareness to each moment through breath and movement. Bringing you to a renewed sence of connection to yourself. Experience in yoga or mindfulness is not required, this workshop is designed to help you arrive back to yourself. The session will end with homemade Chai and biscuits.

9th March

10-12pm ( no lunch)


To book or for more details contact Finola on 07780952395 or

Dreaming Bear Shamanic Circle

A monthly open circle for those interested in Shamanic drumming and journeying.

Sitting together in Sacred Space we will connect with the Spirit of the Drum to create a circle of healing for ourselves and our community.

This is intended to be an organic, on-going group suitable for newcomers and for those with Shamanic experience. Please bring a drum or rattle if you have one but there will be spares if not. A notebook and pen would also be useful, should you wish to document your journeys.

Tea and vegan cakes will be provided.
2nd Friday of each month 7pm – 9pm. Cost: £10

To book or for more details contact Maya on 07540 424031 or

Heartfelt Dance

To be our 'best', strongest, most dynamic self requires our masculine and feminine energy to be in balance. However all of us naturally favour one over the other. Heartfelt dance aims to help bring us back into alignment energetically. Dance is a wonderfully healing process. We can all dance, whatever age, whatever shape, however inexperienced/ experienced, however mobile, we all have the ability to move in some way. It's not about being a 'good' dancer, it's about moving in a way that's true to ourselves. Through our dance we aim to release and let go of what's not needed and to feel what needs to be felt. £10- £12

26th Feb - 2-4pm
26th March - 2-4pm
28th May - 2-4pm
27th August - 2-4pm
24th September - 2-4pm
29th October - 2-4pm
26th November - 2-4pm

Contact info:
Join Heartfelt Dance in Dorset on Facebook and meetup for all information about upcoming dances sessions and workshops.

Events 2017 at Sarpenela with Lisa Bridge

SATURDAY 11th MARCH ‘ Working with the Power Stone Cards’ Beginners with Lisa Bridge
LODGE 10 – 4pm COST: £75 (includes x 1 pack of cards) £65 (if already have cards)

Lisa painted stones over fifteen years as part of her recovery from ill health. The card pack came about from this process and she now works with them to give readings and use them as diagnostic tools in her healing work. This day is for anyone wishing to work with the cards learning to work with one’s intuition to ‘tune in’ to the cards and choose a card for oneself or for a friend and access reading the cards for guidance, whether for day to day or for deeper journey work. There will be a more advance workshop later in the year following the beginner’s workshop for those interested in giving readings with the cards or using them in their practice. Please bring your own lunch and a journal to write in.

SATURDAY 29th APRIL 7TH RAY WORKSHOP - ‘ Healing Through Expression, Mindfulness & Dance’ with Lisa Bridge
STUDIO 10 -5pm £75

A day for anyone wishing to explore mindful movement and dance as a tool for healing and expanding creativity and self-expression. Lisa trained in Ireland as teacher of ‘Dancing The Rainbow’ and has combined her skills teaching DTR and working as an alternative therapist to offer workshops that inspire and aim to give participants the opportunity how to learn to heal the body and relax the mind through movement, dance and relaxation. Come and find your own unique way to move, free from judgement and held in sacred space with others. Complete beginners welcome.

SUNDAY 7th MAY Women’s Sacred Sexuality Circle with Lisa Bridge STUDIO 10 – 1 pm £220.00
(This will be run as a set of x 4 sessions and once started will be a closed group)

SUNDAY 11th JUNE Women’s Sacred Sexuality Circle x 2 (Venue/Time as above)
SUNDAY 9th JULY Women’s Sacred Sexuality Circle x 3
SUNDAY 6th AUGUST Women’s Sacred Sexuality Circle x 4

This group will involve working together in Sacred Space with other women to journey deep using the tools of expression through movement, breath work, voice, artistic exploration and dance for healing our hearts and our bodies and souls. This is a stepping into a deeper connection with ourselves in relation to others and connecting with our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to find healing from past trauma to transform and empower one another on furthering the journey and stretching the boundaries to knowing who we truly are and what we wish to become. This is a set of four sessions and will be a closed group once started.

SATURDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER Equinox Healing Day with Sarah STUDIO 10 – 5 £75 ?

Autumn Equinox Day of ceremony, ritual, community & dance

To book call Lisa on 01202 848883 email or Sarpenela

Know yourself through astrology

Judy Hall
16 September 2017
10am – 4pm.

Walking the Zodiac Wheel leads you deep into yourself. The pictorial Zodiac brings astrology to life. Traditionally, crystals and gemstones were linked to specific astrological signs. Crystals open the way for a deeper connection between the earth and the sky. They can be used to enhance self-understanding and foster personal growth. Your sun sign shows you the soul pathway that you are following, but it is only one part of your birth chart. The subtle layering of your personality comes from other factors. Of these, the most easily identified are the Moon (past emotional conditioning) and the Ascendant (the face you present to the world). The combination of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant is what makes you uniquely you. The workshop will include your personal birthchart and a soup lunch.
Cost £85
Booking: contact – Tel 01725 516942

The Crystal Medicine Wheel

Judy Hall
11 November 2017

A Medicine Wheel is an ancient embodiment of healing and method of soul retrieval which can be facilitated with journeying crystals. In this introductory workshop Judy will explore the meaning of the different directions on the wheel and help us to connect to the power animals and associations of the cardinal points. The wheel is actually a flat plane representation of a multi-dimensional energy field - the lower, middle and upper shamanic worlds. But it is also a way to profoundly know yourself. It connects the larger universe/cosmos that surrounds us to our inner world. The medicine wheel teaches a way to balance our life. The crystals act as storehouses for the information and facilitate your journeys to the points of the wheel. A crystal pack and soup lunch will be included.
Cost £85
Booking: contact – Tel 01725 516942

Introduction to Breathwork - Connect with the Power of Your Breath

Date: Saturday 18 February
Time: 10 am - 12:30 pm
Fee: £20
Most people are so busy looking outside themselves for the answers to their problems that they don’t realise all the answers are literally right under their noses. For thousands of years, people from many different cultures and spiritual traditions have been using their BREATH to relax, improve their health and well-being, raise their consciousness and access their intuition, the source of the answers to all life’s problems.
In this half-day workshop, Jonathan Quail, an international teacher of breathwork and meditation, will be guiding you through a few simple but very powerful breathing techniques, including deep diaphragmatic breathing (pranayama), colour breathing and breath watching, that will help you to:

- Relax and be much calmer
- Boost your energy levels and vitality
- Enjoy exercise more and improve your physical performance
- Become more mindful and improve your concentration
- Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

The fee for the workshop is £25 per person, which includes tea and a muffin. For more information and to book, please email Jonathan on or call him on 07766 765813.

Holotropic Breathing Session & Sound Journey - Heal Your Subconscious Mind

Date: Saturday 25 March
Time: 2 pm - 5 pm
Fee: £25
In this afternoon workshop, Jonathan Quail, an experienced breathwork teacher and holotropic breathing facilitator, will be facilitating a 90-minute holotropic breathing session, while Sarah Lownds, the owner of Sarpenela, will simultaneously be creating a soothing sound journey to increase the healing effect of the session.
Holotropic breathing is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices and the great mystical traditions of the world. The word 'holotropic' literally means 'moving toward wholeness' (from the Greek 'holos' meaning 'whole' and 'trepein' meaning 'moving in the direction of something'). Holotropic breathing helps its practitioners to enter higher states of consciousness in which they can undergo deep healing of trauma and self-sabotaging beliefs held in their subconscious mind and energy body, connect with their true nature and experience great joy and even bliss.

The workshop will begin with a short talk on holotropic breathing and its effects to prepare you for the session, and we'll end the session with a deep meditation to help you reflect on and integrate what you've experienced. You'll also have a chance to share your experience with the other people at the workshop if you want to.

This is what someone who did a holotropic session with Jonathan recently had to say about it:
"Thank you Jonothan for the Holotropic Breathing class, absolutely loved it, mind blowing experience, and I felt great for days afterwards." - Joanne Elliott

The fee for the workshop is £25 per person, which includes tea and a muffin. For more information and to book, please email Jonathan on or call him on 07766 765813.

'Breath of Life' Workshop - Explore the Power of Your Breath

Date: Saturday 8 April
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Fee: £70 (£5 early-bird discount)
What if the key to your health, well-being and greater happiness lay literally right under your nose, but you've just been unaware of it? For thousands of years, people from many different cultures and spiritual traditions have been using their BREATH to relax and improve their health and well-being in the face of all the stresses and strains of daily life. During this workshop, Jonathan Quail, an international teacher of breath work and meditation, will be guiding you through several age-old breathing techniques that will help you to do the same.


- De-stress, relax and be much calmer in daily life
- Boost your energy levels and vitality
- Genuinely enjoy any exercise you do and be motivated to exercise more often
- Improve your physical fitness and general health and well-being
- Become more mindful and let go of negative thoughts and feelings
- Connect with your intuitive Self
- Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.


- Diaphragmatic Breathing (called 'pranayama' in yoga)
- Breath Watching
- Values & Colour Breathing
- Connected Breathing
- Power Breathing
- Holotropic Breathing

The holotropic breathing session will be accompanied by a sound journey created by Sarah Lownds, the owner of Sarpenela, to increase the healing effect of the session. Each of these techniques will give you a surprisingly different experience and benefits, but don't take our word for it - come and try them for yourself.


The fee for the workshop is £70 per person (£65 if you book and pay before the end of February, 2017), which includes refreshments and a light lunch (you are welcome to bring and share some food as well). For more information and to book, please call Jonathan on 07766 765813 or email him on

Find Your Happy

Date: Sunday 25th June

Happiness is a daily choice, a state of mind that’s under your control. Whatever situation you find yourself in there’s always an opportunity to find moments of joy.

Spend a day with Sarah learning simple tools and techniques to take control of your thoughts and focus on happy. We’ll mix up a little bit of psychology theory with lots of fun techniques including meditation and creating. You’ll go home with your own personal happiness ritual to practice daily.

This workshop is suitable for everyone - these are life skills that have a benefit regardless of lifestage. The ideal time to learn and practice is when you are feeling strong, so that when life presents its inevitable challenges, you can use them easily to stay in touch with happiness and build resilience under pressure. If you’re already in the middle of challenge, the techniques are hugely relevant and will certainly help you to experience healing smiles each day.

Price: £85, bring a packed lunch

To book please call 07954 343528

True You

Date: Sunday 30th July

Finding and knowing the true you and nurturing a positive self-image creates happiness, wellbeing and an empowering sense of direction. In this fun and inspiring workshop we’ll explore your personal values, passions and purpose using meditation, journeying, journaling and making. You’ll go home with a renewed sense of your personal truths and a greater awareness of your life vision and future direction. This new self -awareness will help you to live a more authentic lifestyle that’s congruent with your deeper self, a vital key to happiness.

To book please call 07954 343528

360 Degree Wellness – A Functional Approach to the Everyday Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Date: 6th May 10am – 5pm

Learn practical techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Russian Sports Medicine and Modern Functional Medicine that will help you to get the most out of your body and your life. Improve your mobility, energy levels, athletic performance, emotional state and your sleep with practices that are simple to learn and make a part of your everyday life.

The workshop takes you through your day from rising to sleep, teaching you to cultivate healthy energy, use and enjoy the energy and get ready for good quality rest.

These are the most important and useful practices (including joint mobility, stress conversion, posture testing and improvement, QIgong and more) I have learned over many years as a Physical Therapist. I hope everyone I work with will take these ideas on board and use them to maximise their enjoyment of life.

Cost: £80 (early-bird price £70 if you book and pay before 1st April)

Limited to 8 people. Light refreshments included. Please bring your lunch.

To book contact:

Stay at Farnham Farmhouse

Combine your stay at Farnham Farm House with some treatments at Sarpenela. Indulge in our large range of Natural Therapies and Spa Body Treatments. Enjoy sunny days in the heated outdoor pool or retreat into our secluded gardens with stunning views over the Cranborne Chase.
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