Call: 01725 516 942
Farnham, Blandford, Dorset DT11 8DG

Kindred Spirits Group

We are a group of like-minded people with a shared interest in the natural power of healing and meditation, who have a deep trust in the universal energy that is available to all of us.

We gather to support each other in a healing and non-judgemental group which holds no religious belief system. if you have the desire to understand yourself and your path a little more, make new friends, share experiences and learn form each other then this is for you. 7 8.30 pm 8.00

Contact Sarah Lownds at Tel: 01725 516942

Meet ups this year:

Thursday 11th January
Tuesday 6th February
Tuesday 6th March
Tuesday 3rd April
Tuesday 1st May
Tuesday 5th June
Tuesday 3rd July
Tuesday 7th August
Tuesday 4th September
Tuesday 2nd October Tuesday 6th November
Tuesday 4th December

Stay at Farnham Farmhouse

Combine your stay at Farnham Farm House with some treatments at Sarpenela. Indulge in our large range of Natural Therapies and Spa Body Treatments. Enjoy sunny days in the heated outdoor pool or retreat into our secluded gardens with stunning views over the Cranborne Chase.
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