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Sacred Journey Workshop - Running as an evening workshop this year 2018

We meet on the third Tuesday monthly. The evening workshop will run for twelve months with an additional celebration retreat day to finish the process. We will be following the same process from the information below.

Sarah Lownds: Founder of Sarpenela natural therapies centre, whose passion for natural therapies and holistic life style developed while working with many other cultures and their healing method in the Middle East for 11 years.

Sarah is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Meditation and Workshop leader.

This workshop is a journey through Shamanic practices for self-empowerment.
The weekends are for women who wish to connect with their true potential.
We shall welcome the power of ritual and ceremony back into our lives, discovering our own medicine working with the Celtic directions and medicine wheel. We will explore our soul connections and life path, reconnecting with our feminine and masculine qualities, learning to embrace the warrior women and the goddess.
Not for the faint hearted, we will support each other to work through old conditioning and letting go of the patterns that no longer serve us.

The Sacred journey Workshop is designed as a process to build over the course of the four weekends with the fourth weekend being a celebration of all our efforts we have put in during the year bringing us to a place of self-empowerment.
It is advisable to attend all the weekends in order to help bring deep understanding of our true potential.

Sarah understands that for some women this commitment will not be possible due to personal and family responsibilities so she has decided to make the weekends open to enable you to select the weekends that will be most appropriate for you to attend in any one year.
Sarah will require a personal consultation with you to help you select the right weekends for you. Contact Sarah on Tel: 01725 516942

Tell your friends. Help them enrich their lives as we will our own, lets build our understanding and friendships through self-empowerment and knowledge. Everyone deserves the right to work towards true potential.

Weekend one – Soul Journey

Creating our medicine wheel and journeying through the Celtic directions we will start to understand our medicine. We will learn to let go of our conditioning through ceremony. As a group of women ready to acknowledge our process of moving forward and releasing old patterns we will support each other in all our adventures in these workshops.

The Journey to our soul potential will light the path for our year ahead. Creating our Elemental heart stones and working with their energy is going to help us to reconnect with our seeing qualities. All our workshops will embrace regular healing, cleansing and protection processes through out the days.

Weekend two – Archetypal Alchemy

Working with the Female and Male Archetype’s will help us to understand more of the conditioning that has been engraved on us in our conscious and sub-conscious minds. Using the power of ceremony and ritual we are going to work though the process of releasing the belief systems that hold us in a space of disempowerment. Learning about the Kundalini energy will bring newfound energy and joy into our lives. We are going to embrace the Warrior women and Goddess that lays deep with-in us all. Let the true you come back and enjoy the process. All our workshops will embrace regular healing, cleansing and protection processes throughout the days.

Our Power Animals will be bring us support this weekend, they will be by are sides, supporting us and helping us to learn our medicine as we step into the Warrior and Goddess energy. This is the time to let go of your ego and embrace the insight that is the real you.
Enjoy having fun, finding joy and understanding who you really are.

Weekend three – The Goddess & Warrior

We shall be creative, making our Goddess headdresses and Warrior masks. Ceremony and ritual will guide us, the smoking mirrors will help enlighten us and Dance will elevate us to our soul potential. All our workshops will embrace regular healing, cleansing and protection processes throughout the days.

Weekend four – Sacred Celebration

This weekend is all about honouring ourselves, celebrating the Sacred Journey we have travelled together. The path may have been rocky at times but no medicine and understanding comes without work and effort, you only get out that which you are prepared to put in.

The law of the Universe is that if you give you shall receive; this keeps the wheel of life moving, keeps us learning our medicine and moving forward to our true potential. We are going to build our Altars, anoint each other, tie our ribbons, have a celebration picnic, write our vows and enjoy our ceremony and celebration. All our workshops will embrace regular healing, cleansing and protection process throughout the days.

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