Reconnective Breathwork

What is Reconnective of Breathwork:

Reconnective Breathwork is a powerful form of healing, connecting you gently into your subconscious mind through breathing techniques. These techniques enable you to release suppressed emotions and thought processes into the conscious mind for healing supporting you to moving forward in life. To breathe properly is to get to know your body and reconnect with yourself once more. The process boosts the immune system, improves sleep, and greatly reduces anxiety among many other physical and emotional benefits.

How a Breathwork session is run:

You are guided throughout the session so you can trust and let go in a safe space. The breathwork session is a neutral space of no judgement. The start of the breathwork session may involve gentle stretching and active meditation movements. Generally, you will be lying down on the floor for the main part of the session but some of the techniques will be sitting up.

Body work:

There may be some hands-on healing by Sarah during the session if she feels the individual require this. This may involve placement of hands on the shoulders, head, tummy or hands and feet. Please inform Sarah before the session if you would prefer not to be touched.

You are in control:

Your mind may try to play games with you, telling you are not good enough or you just can’t do this, it may also tell you that Breathwork isn’t for you. This is the time to really push though, the rewards are amazing. The more you put in the more you will get out of the experience. The breathwork space is a safe space for you to let go and express yourself.