Reiki Master / Teacher Training

This level of Reiki training is for students who have completed the Advanced Degree and time has passed to gain experience and a deeper understanding of the healing energy. The Master Degree is a life commitment to teach and pass on the Usui Reiki healing knowledge with the integrity it requires.

When you decide to follow the path of the Reiki Master / Teacher you must feel a vocation to give and receive healing. You may have the urge to find out more about yourself and to use this experience to help others to discover and love themselves. When you take the Master Degree you make a commitment to practise, teach and ultimately, to live, Reiki. The training for the Master / Teacher Degree is a process of growing into the mysteries and depths of the healing process with Reiki, which takes dedication and experience. From an energetic point of view this Degree requires your time and commitment if you are to process the many reactions that Reiki triggers in you at this level.

If you are interested in studying the Master Level you need to ask yourself: Why do I wish to become a Reiki Master? Do I feel mature enough to carry this responsibility? Do I have enough experience with Reiki?

The Master Degree demands a high level of spiritual maturity. It is a major life commitment, lifting your energy and consciousness to a far higher level than you have ever achieved before. If you become a Master, Reiki interacts with all aspects of your life. It cannot be compartmentalized but is integral to everything you do, you have to live Reiki and not every one can or wishes to do this. If you feel you want to make Reiki an important part of your life, then the path of the Reiki Master is for you.

The Master attunement is the most intense. It starts a deep-reaching development and gives you the opportunity for substantial personal growth on all levels. You have to investigate and challenge old thoughts and behavioural structures, you may find that you have to reject and replace them. As a Reiki Master you will come to recognize that you are master of your own life.

The Training

Pre-requisite Reiki Advanced Degree

The Students are required to attend a Reiki first and second degree to observe the methods of teaching and structure of the seminar so they become confident in their ability to teach Reiki to others, as this is the main focus as a Reiki Master. The completion of the Master Degree is a four day intensive training in the complex process of energy transmissions with all the associated Symbols.

Five case studies, with at least two treatments each are required. These will be discussed during training. There will be a one-to-one question and answer time with your Reiki Master.

In the last part of training the Students receive the initiation to the Master Symbol, the Fourth Reiki Symbol.

The precondition for this Master level is that you give yourself a minimum of one year of practice as a Reiki Master before you initiate others to Reiki healing. This allows the energy to settle in you and gives you space to grow on your own healing path.

Through the Master Level, Reiki becomes an accentual vehicle on the path to Personal Grace, Integrity, and Perfection.

Picnic lunch required. The price for the course is £650.

Course Dates Coming Soon

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