What is Reiki

Reiki is a natural and simple healing method, which allows you to absorb more life force energy. The Reiki method of healing revitalises your life force and balances the energies in your body. This natural healing energy flows in a powerful and concentrated form through the hands of the Reiki giver into the body of the receiver. The giver is used as a channel to conduct the Universal life energy. As a result, no personal energy is drawn or drained from the giver, who is simultaneously charged and strengthened.

The Meaning of Reiki

Reiki is one of the most ancient healing methods known to man. Reiki originated in Tibet and was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese monk named Dr Mikao Usui. The tradition of Reiki is referred to in 2,500 years old writings in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. The Usui System of Natural Healing, named after Dr Usui has been passed down by Reiki Master since that time and today is practised worldwide.

The Japanese word ‘rei-ki’ consists of two syllables: ‘rei’. Which describes the cosmic universal aspect of energy and ‘ki’, which means the life force flowing and pulsating in all living things. When we practise Reiki we are working with the Universal life force energy.