Shamanic Trance Dance

Sarah Lownds, her shamanic name “Buffalo Medicine Women” was gifted to her by her elder in 2006 and is only used in her Shamanic Trance Dance, keeping it sacred to this form of energy healing. Sarah has worked full time as a holistic therapist for the past 20 years and practices many forms of healing, from Shamanism to Sound healing, based at her Natural Therapies centre, “Sarpenela” in Dorset, where she runs regular Reiki training courses and holds a monthly Shamanic circle for women “The Sacred Journey” along with regular Meditation evenings and Gong Baths. Shamanic Trance Dance is “Buffalo Medicine Woman’s” passion and joy, she has always loved to loose herself if the spirit of the dance allowing the energy of the music to deeply connect to her soul. She brings her skills of sound healing and her work with the Celtic Medicine Wheel to support the energy of dance. Buffalo Medicine Woman feels it is a true honour being part of the Shamanic Collective trance dance band. Seeing the energy, love and respect of the dancers makes her feel she is at home with the tribe.

The Shamanic Collective

Formed in early 2018 The Shamanic Collective are a band whos work is influenced by the Celtic medicine wheel. Their eclectic mix of instruments bring the Shamanic Trance Dance to life, raising the energy and vibration to dynamic planes. You just can’t stop dancing when you here the power of the live performance. They take the medicine of your dance to a higher level. As the band says there is no right way or wrong way only your way. So let go and connect to the spirit of the music and journey well.

The Traditional Shamanic Trance Dance

This transformational dance re-connects you to your physical body by exploring movement. Dancing to dynamic rhythms will journey you to the higher and lower worlds. Through the ritual of calling in the directions of the Celtic medicine wheel, we ensure a safe space for you to be free to express your emotions. We sit in circle to connect with one another and set the intent of your own dance. This is a blindfolded dance. The dancers are supported thought out their process to ensure the safety and freedom of movement. It is a powerful experience to let go of the ego by not seeing the outer world and connecting with yourself. The whole process is for 3 hours with a 20 minute beak half way through. You will feel the whirl of emotions during the process and finish by feeling transformed.

The Shamanic Spirit Trance Dance

Dancing to the medicine of the Celtic medicine wheel, connecting you to Mother Earth, Spirit and your own Sanctuary. We dance and express the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The music, the sound, the dance will awaken your spirit, bring mental clarity and emotional well-being.  Healing and food for your soul. This dance is for one and half hours.

The Shamanic Kundalini Dance

Meditation can be fun, lift our spirits, bringing us to a place of peace and enlightenment. This meditation connects us to serpent energy, we activate the kundalini energy by unlocking energy from the base chakra. This dance meditation relieve tension and energise you, freeing suppression, freeing you from a runaway mind and connects you to your core. This is a journey of shaking and dancing, moving into stillness and silence. This Dance is for one hour.