Kindred Spirits Meditation Group

We meet on the second Thursday monthly. Meditation can seem a mystery. At Kindred Spirits we explore the many methods, taking the mystery out of the practice. Sarah Lownds will guide you through the meditation techniques, allowing you to experience them for yourself. Exploring these methods reveals that they are accessible, beneficial and healing in our lives today. The group supports each other in a healing and non-judgemental environment which holds no religious belief system. If you have the desire to understand yourself and your emotions on a deeper level, make new friends, share experiences and learn from each other then this is for you.

Contact Sarah Lownds at Tel: 01725 516942

New Price: £10

Meet up’s in 2020

Thursday 9th January
Thursday 13th February
Thursday 12th March
Thursday 9th April
Thursday 14th May
Thursday 11th June
Thursday 9th July
Tuesday 11th August
Thursday 10th September
Thursday 8th October
Thursday 12th November
Thursday 10th December