The Therapists

Sarah Lownds MFHT IIHHT TATh

Sarah Lownds is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic and Spa Therapist, Meditation and Workshop leader and founder of Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre.  Sarah has many years experience in the world of natural therapies and healing, her passion and deep belief in the holistic approach and lifestyle developed while spending 11 years managing spas in Muscat Oman in the Middle East.

Caroline Mayhew LLSA MIFA LMAR

Caroline is a fully qualified and experienced therapist specialising in massage, reflexology and Reiki. She takes an holistic approach to support her clients with their physical and mental well-being by treating mind, body and soul. Her interest in natural healthcare began over 30 years ago and her passion in complementary therapies has continued to grow ever since. Her clients know her as a professional therapist with a caring disposition, and a sensitive, compassionate approach.

Ricky Cook 

Ricky is a qualified sports and remedial massage therapist.  He offers deep tissue massage which can incorporate dry cupping or fire cupping therapy to alleviate varying degrees of aches and pains from everyday life or sporting activities AND Thai Yoga massage.  Ricky qualified as a Reiki practitioner, training under Sarah Lownds, and can also offer Reiki healing and healing massage.

Georgette Brewin DipHe BSc

Georgette is a qualified holistic / massage therapist and reiki practitioner having trained under master Sarah Lownds, offering full body therapeutic massage, healing massage, back neck and shoulder massage and reiki. Her journey working with others innate inner energy, started during her career as a midwife and is now being deepened through her current training to become a pure coach.

Jordana – Yoga Teacher RYT YA

Jordana creates a warm welcoming space where you can come back to yourself, lighthearted and deep in the same breath. Her classes are a blend of functional yin, embodied slow flow, vinyasa and meditation practices to ground and connect to our inner nature. Inspired by the countryside of her home in Chettle and the forever flowing seasons. Jordana forages flowers, grasses, herbs and foliage to create wonderful wreaths, crowns, herbal teas and remedies for seasonal workshops.


Louise is a Comprehensively trained Pilates Foundation Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. Her Pilates classes use this holistic exercise method to explore the connection between body and mind, helping to create a heightened sense of awareness, strength and ease in the body. She encourages her clients to find health and wellbeing through movement; so much more than just establishing ‘a strong core’ or ‘perfect posture’!